Valuation Services

Computing the true value of any asset or liability is never a simple process. Our team of experts’ breakdown the most complicated intricacies and develop an opinion of the value. We offer valuation services broadly in following areas:

ü  Valuation for regulatory compliance

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements is an unwanted as well as a costly affair for your organization. KNAV provides valuation services for compliance with tax laws; international as well as Indian tax laws. With increasing valuation requirements entailed by the new provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, the scope of this area of practice is ever increasing. We help you in apt valuation.

ü  Business valuation for restructuring/ sale/ purchase/ litigation

We proudly provide business valuation required at the time of restructuring of companies, which may involve mergers, demergers or amalgamations.

Valuation during purchase/sale/acquisition of a company.

Valuation for shareholder dispute, Valuation advice to minority shareholder, Joint Venture partners.

Valuation for forensic support where we act as "Expert Witness".

ü  Intangible Assets Valuation

Intangible assets were primarily significant in pharmaceuticals, software and aviation sector. But today, as businesses become competitive, a significant expenditure is done on R&D, Brand Development, and Marketing etc. Following this trend, many businesses have been able to build significant brand image. Our services are aimed at determining the value of intangible assets of various natures.

E Brands, Trademarks and Patents

E Licensing Royalty and Franchise Agreements

E Softwares, Internet Domains, Databases

E Sports Teams, Players and Celebrities

E Formulas, Concepts, Designs

E Intellectual Property

ü  Valuation for the purposes for Financial Reporting

In an environment of increasingly complex fair value reporting standards and burgeoning regulatory scrutiny, cfosir helps clients resolve financial reporting valuation issues successfully. We have the capability to serve the full range of fair value valuation needs, providing valuation opinions that satisfy the scrutiny of auditors and other regulatory bodies.

ü  Private Equity Valuation

Our Valuation and Modeling team offers a wide range of analytical services for fund managers, portfolio companies and investors.

E Valuation of receivables, loans, bonds and other debt instruments as well as asset- backed securities and retained interests in securitizations

E Mark-to-market of distressed, thinly traded or illiquid securities

E Determination of the value of loan collateral

E Review of internal valuation methodologies and underlying calculations for individual private equity investments or entire portfolios.

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