Fiduciary Services

Our team of experts provides advice to private individuals and organizations on creation and management of trusts and societies in India and other countries, covering taxation issues and asset protection.

ü  Trustee Services

Our trustees utilize their many years of experience in trust governance and operational excellence to manage a wide variety of trusts. Our qualified trustees can help ensure your assets are preserved, protected and transferred as you intend.

ü  Guardian or Conservator

A guardian or conservator is a legal appointment given to an individual to be responsible for the food, health care, housing, and other necessities of an individual incapable of providing these necessities for them. Selectively, we provide these services.

ü  Executor or Personal Representative

An executor (also called personal representative or administrator in some states) is the person who will be in charge of your probate. He or she will:

Gather your assets; handle the sale of your assets, if necessary; prepare an inventory; hire an attorney; and distribute the property.

We also provide these services selectively.

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